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February 8, 2013


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Hey Otakus!

We're two weeks into the "Clean Media, Clean Mind" challenge.… How is everyone doing?

~Prayer Requests~

Along with member requests, remember to pray for all those taking part in our 30 day challenge

Prayer request from anonymous

One of my dear friends' family member passed recently, and they're having a hard time. They are non believers, and I pray that the Lord touch them and shows himself too them so that they can believe in him and confide in him and help them recover. Thank you.

Prayer Request from kero66

Please pray i get my stolen phone back at school tomorrow

Prayer Request from Libertades

Hello... I've come again with a prayer request... I beg to everyone... please I beg you, to answer my request... I would be... really, really happy... if I could count on you for this... I need to be with God again.
I've been through a lot of troubles lately... depression... illness... a bit too much of anxiety and loneliness. I've always thought I could do things alone, by myself, even knowing God was there I was so happy that all I needed was Him, and even though I was right, I still needed many other things and answers... I was unhappy... I was slowly feeling worse. Told myself He'd help, but even through I've been praying every day and night... without forgetting a single day, for 2 years now... looks like I've started to give up in my hopes... and it hurts so much I want God to feel like it felt before... I was strong with him, now I am nothing.
My best friend... my dearly beloved best friend, whom I met here on DA, and we have been knowing each other for a long long time now, is having problems too, but she's atheist. Even though I was depressed and tired of living and waiting for an answer from God... to make better my life, to learn the lesson of my current difficulties, I talked to her about God, many times we argued, she was depressed, tired, anxiety as well, her situation was three times worse than mine... it was then we she confessed she used to be a strong believer, but after of being abandoned by everyone, she stood alone, yet thinking God would help her, she believed, but God never did.
I was reminded to myself when I heard this... and I thought about how happy I used to be, how happy I could be again and erase the past, to have a better future, I just got motivated to explain her God could change us again, to explain her we could stop being concerned about the pain and past and believe in God, and even though I managed to keep her up for a time... things are not going well for any of us right now, and the distance separates us.
I just want to be with God again, and believe him, I just want my friend to stop falling into insanity and pain, it's a delicate situation, and I've prayed and prayed as hard I could, sent many requests... and I will keep going until the end, but please help us with this little request... her health is not okay right now, neither is mine, or our psychological situation, all I've got left today, after listening to something she said, was coming here for the last time and begging all of you and God, to help me... and teach me the lesson, I know it will be better. Thank you.

Prayer request from anonymous

Please pray for me because I have been having conflicting feelings about harming myself. I just need to be prayed for during this time of my struggles.
Also pray for Karariin. I dont know her personally, but she has just lost her father. She needs prays.

Prayer request from Ggb81

Could you all please pray for my grandmother? She's gone into Atrial Fibrillation and is in the hospital. We worried that she might not survive. Thank you.

Prayer request from Little-Snowcone

Now a days people on da seem to want to commit suicide....can you please pray for :Ask-Rin-The_fox: because in her last journal entry she said she wants to end her own precious life....please help her get over this sorrow and hope that she can have faith in the Lord and hope that she can find a church after being prayed for.....

Prayer request from exia-4ever33

April whoom i consider my lil sister keeps being harassed by a group of boys from her shchool and they even tried to rape her D; please pray that this should end..

Prayer request for Russia

Please pray for all those injured in russia from the meteorite.…

Prayer request from anonymous

Recently my best friend found out her sister is actually, well, not a virgin anymore (with her blood cousin), and since her sister was a close friend as well, it was really devastating to me and the family. even after she has been grounded and her family is beginning to trust her to do normal things right again, she keeps talking to the guy about it again and it's tearing us apart. I really love my best friend and her sister but I feel really bad because now when I see her sister (who doesn't know that I know) I kind of have to lie and be nice to her even though I really kind of want to slap her in the face... It's kind of hard to explain, but please pray for her family and her sister. Even though she's done such a bad thing, I feel like she needs a lot of prayers so she can realize what she's done since it's kind of an incestual thing as well.
Thank you so much for being a group... it means a lot.

Prayer request from Mikaou

There's a person in our church that is in the hospital. His name is Gene. It sounds serious, and they don't know if it's cancer that he has or an ulcer. Please pray for him to get better and that it is not serious.

Prayer request from Mysticbynd

Please pray for my friend. His father just died from brain tumors. This is especially difficult since his mom died of cancer years ago.
Also, please pray for my classmate's family. She died this week and they suspect suicide. Everyone is distraught since she was very loved and very passionate for life.

Prayer request from Xaolin26

My neighbors father died recently after a battle against cancer. Please pray for them to have peace and to know God is with them during this hard time. Thank you.

Prayer request from Kanadesonya

I've gotten into a lot of fights with my family and it isnt good when it gets really bad. i would yell and scream at my mom. i cant control my anger and i get really mad and eventually i we would hit each other. i really feel bad for it in the end and just today she cried. i feel so bad but i just dont know what to do. please help

Prayer request from VanillaCreme96

Recently, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which is a chronic illness that causes widespread pain in your muscles and joints, and also makes you tired and gives you headaches and other nasty stuff. I'm visiting a rheumatologist, a physical therapist and possibly a neurologist for treatment. I really don't know what God has in store for my future now, so I'd really appreciate your prayers!

Prayer request from Snailing-Along

I'd like to ask a prayer request for a person I know named Courtney. She's gone through a lot of rough times in her life and someone that she really loved and trusted left her. She's feeling broken right now and has been thinking about suicide, so I ask that you guys pray for her. She also doesn't believe in God and has told me that she doesn't know what prayer will do for her, so please pray hard! Let's show her how strong prayer is and how powerful our God is!</b>
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