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So no one entered our march/april contest... So are they any contests/activities that people would like us to do? That you would enter/participate? Please comment with suggestions.

:pray: Prayer Requests:pray:

Prayer request from Tobi-the-ghost
Hey there, I was hoping you guys could pray for me. I'm years behind in high school, and I'm trying to graduate.
You see, I'm in a virtual program that my local school has. And I'm trying to finish my classes with a summer school program right now, but I only have a little less then 3 weeks to get semesters worth of work done. It is urgent, even if I don't make it sound that way. So please pray for God's help with this? I would very much appreciate any prayers for this. Thank you guys!

Prayer request from ClaspingTank
I was hoping you would pray for me to have a stronger faith in god. I have doubts a lot, and sometimes wonder if he even exists. I was thinking maybe his children could pray I would be shown the way. Thanks!

Prayer request from ZequielinX
Hello my brothers and sisters of God, I feel and know now what my purpose is in making this anime/manga of mines and it shall prosper with what God has with the messages inside, please pray for me that I don't given to doubt wickedness and evil doings as I make this come into fruition as God attended an not of my flesh, and thank everyone for believing and cooperating with me through this journey, God Bless.

Prayer request from Karithewlf
A good friend of mine is having a depression problems to the point of suicidal thoughts and actions please pray for her.

Prayer request from Xcat2
So, I know two friends who are in California. Here's the bad news: California has been going through a drought for 3 years. Especially for California, that's bad! It's been impacting the state in negative ways. Pray hard for there to be rain in California. I'm a little concerned about the state and my friends who live there.
Also, I've been a Nintendo fan since I was about 8 years old! Nintendo is usually a family-safe company, but recently, they're not being so... appropriate. I've never known this company to allow inappropriate language or character design, but I'm starting to see it! I'm definitely praying for Nintendo.

Prayer request from lilyneedsausername
Please pray for me and my small group of friends. We have all been extremely close to each other since we were young children, and God has used us to do amazing things in each others lives. But our relationships with each other have become significantly more rocky in the past few years as we've gotten older, and now there is a lot of bitterness and anger between us all. We need to let go of old grudges and be forgiving of each others faults, as God is forgiving of ours. We also need to own up to our actions, which we all (myself included) have more than a hard time doing. Please pray that we can get over our differences, and go back to loving each other and working wonders in each others lives as we did before, if it is God's will.

Prayer request from xXTempestPhyreXx
I'd like to ask for prayer; my girlfiriend's mom is unwell and she keeps uttering "I'm going to die", if you can please pray for the best for her, it's making my girlfriend under a lot of stress. It's greatly appreciated.

Prayer request from BeccatheHedgebat06
Can I have a prayer request? My mom is going through some hard times and she loses her temper easily. She's starting to get abusive and I fear she is going to hurt my half sister and half brother like she hurt me. I keep hiding away from it. I need enough strength to get through this. I need all the help I can get.

Prayer request from waxinggibus
Could I have a pray request? I wish for their to be piece in the Ukraine and all through out that side of Russia. I pray for every one's safety and that their will be happy in the end.

Prayer request from SilverAngel-14
Btw I have a prayer request. I'm going to get an interview for a volunteering program they're doing at my local library and I'm really nervous about it.

Prayer request from christians168
Can I please have a prayer? I'm just despising myself because of a bad breakup I went through. I really think that I don't deserve to live anymore. I want to fall in love with myself.

Prayer request from LovelyLolipoptart
I just wanted a prayer request for my dad, he's on a mission trip to go and teach the Bible in Vietnam, and over there is very dangerous for Christians, I just want everyone to help pray that nothing bad happens to him. Thank you very much.

Prayer request from EtaniaVII
My uncle is dying of cancer and may have only days to live. I want him to go to heaven, and don't know if he will, so I'd deeply appreciate anybody sending up a prayer for him and our family.

Prayer request from Mahersal
My sister was diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago, but this past her seizures got really bad. She was at the hospital recently to get an EEG, and would like some prayers that the doctors can get to proper medication for her so she has better control and for her dealing with her epilepsy.

Prayer request from Hijinata
Please pray for my friend; she has found evidence that her mother is cheating on her father and she's not really sure what to do. :c I'll pray for God to help her get through this and hopefully end whatever it is her mother is doing wrong.
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Anyone can join, just click the "Join Group" button!

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Gameraider100 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My brother Reese is in the military, he is being sent out to northern Africa which right now is not safe at all, especially in the Middle East! He is loved by family very much, and I pray for his safety.

Pray for his safety.

If there is another American soldier out there that you know of as well, pray him or her. Pray that the Lord will protect our protectors, and to let the Lord's will be done.
Gameraider100 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As a Tom Hiddleston fan, I admire not only his good looks, but his God-given talents of acting, and his clean sense of humor. (He is my very first actor crush) God has blessed him with such so much and I worry to see if he falls and hits the dust like a lot of other celebrities (Many of them turning into a disgrace, and antagonists towards God) I do a lot of research on him and his upcoming roles, and I have realized that with his popularity shooting rapidly to the stars, he is beginning to take on a lot of starring roles, and I am worried that he might become stressed or worse.

Pray for him. Pray that he stays safe, innocent, and good. And pray that if he is not a "strong" believer in God, pray that he finds the way to the Lord and grows.
Cartoongal Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014   Writer… - article on Christianity and otakus.
christians168 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Please pray for my friend,Velvet. Bullies killed her kitten and she blames God. I pray for her safety and faith in this hard time 
Mysticbynd Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student
Gameraider100 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I pray:

I pray that she finds forgiveness for those who torment her and that she finds comfort in the Lord. In times like this, she should seek love from God and not resentment and anger.

And be a friend to her, pray with her and support her, for friendship is a loving gift from God.
ClaspingTank Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Hi, I was hoping you would pray for me to have a stronger faith in god. I have doubts a lot, and sometimes wonder if he even exists. I was thinking maybe his children could pray I would be shown the way. Thanks
Mysticbynd Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student
Gameraider100 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I may be a new member, but I would like to say to something.

I can understand what you mean, years back, I've had doubts about God the Creator and I had begun to kinda stray into worldly things, and receive a liberal way of thinking, and it's definitely the kind of thinking that a Christian should NOT have.

I was pushing God out of my mind, and then I realized that I was conflicted, and never have I been conflicted before, between God's way and Man's way, with the powerful belief in God in my life, because with God we are safe and life is actually made easy.
But it doesn't end there, I wanted this tug within my heart gone and I really didn't know where else to go except to Him. So I did, I prayed a real prayer for the first time in my life, without taking it for granted, I finally understood who I was talking to and what I was asking for.

What I had asked, was for him to "give me a sign" and "what is truth" and "what needs to change in my life?"

He had heard my prayer.

What happened was with the Holy Spirit now in me, I was no longer conflicted, I knew who I wanted to believe in. I could understand myself. What I was thinking, and He gave me what I wanted, truth. And this was truth.

The truth? I had a couple of friends whom I thought were different and would always be there for me, were loyal, but what I hadn't realized before I let God in was that they had a scary view of what life should be. They had said marriage was pointless and drugs should be legal, Islamic followers were good and nurturing, loving people, and they thought that a belief in God was nothing but bull. I had never really paid attention to that until I let God back into my heart. When that happened, my couple of friends and I split, believe at first I thought this was bad, but then I realized something:

Would it have been better, if I had stayed with friends who would have no respect for others unless they shared the same idea, they didn't believe in true loyalty to stabilize a friendship, but believed in only common ideas to keep the grip?

"No," I told myself, that wasn't friendship, that was living a lie.

Today, I'm glad I am not around their bigotry anymore, God answered my prayer and saved me from living a lie about my friends. I had lost them, but I gained "Truth," which God does say is more valuable than life itself.

I continue to give my prayers to God and he answers them without a doubt, even when I need to blow off steam, I direct my words toward God, for him to listen, and I feel better afterwards and I sleep well at night.

God has told me with his own words through an angel's lips that he listens to prayers and he answers them. He may not answer them the very next day afterwards, but He answers them. Never doubt Him.

It is because of God the Father that I have this testimony to tell you.

God exists, it is because of Him that we exist at all. It is because him that you live to see another day.

God saved me because I did not dare to doubt Him! And if you do the same, he will answer your prayer and ease your worries. Pray and pray again if you must.

Never doubt Him for He loves you.

And hey, maybe this post I gave to you is the answer that God gives you.
I say that because once I read your post, I just had to answer.

God Loves you, and I love you, I have a feeling that you are a good person.

From, GR~
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