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Prayer request from ViiiRoko

A close dA buddy of mine lost someone very close to her last night/this morning to a brain tumor that they did have the time to remove.  Please pray for the family and friends of the girl, for comfort and peace.  I can't be sure this friend was a believer, but if so, what a relief that she's with Jesus now

Prayer request from Gameraider100

Pray for all who live the life of fame. Those who are popular in music and TV, they all become so numb to what's wrong, drugs etc. Also pray for those who are in fame, but have not become so succumbed to its evil, pray that they stay safe.

Prayer request from DevenDesign
I was just watching the news and it was describing California's drought situation. Some people over there are going bankrupt. We need to keep praying for moderate rain in the entire state of California. We also need to pray that the situation with the crops become better.

Prayer request from Charlenethehedgehog
My dads been working hard even after his mild seizure. Please pray for him.

Prayer request from The-Heart-of-Chaos
Please pray for my friend, PotterZeFangirl. She is going through a very rough time right now, and I'd appreciate it greatly if you would pray for her.

Prayer request from CreativeAnonymous
For some odd reason I have been feeling so negative lately. I am not even sure why, my family is really becoming isolated. It's the same thing everyday: we go to school/work we all come home and separate into our own things without speaking a word to each other. I am homeschooled and have been sick lately so I haven't been able to go to my church all last week!!! :sniff: I have become very isolated because of this. My home seems to get spiritually darker everyday, and everyone in my family has been so negative. Even my mother, who is usually the most positive person in the whole family! I am slowly being pulled into depression, and I have no reason to: I have a roof over my head, food on my table. The Lord has blessed me incredibly! And yet our positivity seems to be getting sucked right out of us! I just ask for a prayer of peace in our home, and for us to see the path of light to follow again. Where we can all go back to the positive family we once were. Thank you so much.

Request from Gezusfreek
I'm currently running a Kickstarter Project for the printing of 5000 Anime-Inspired Gospel Tracts. I attend some Florida and Georgia comic book/anime conventions, and I hand them out with every order. My kickstarter is here:… If you could just spread the word, that would mean the world. :)

Request from Subway-Sweetie-Kay
Please pray for me as I recover from a bimalleolar fracture of the left ankle.

Prayer request from Kdfsmk20011
Please Pray for Orange-Kitty-Goddess, her & her family are getting kicked out of the home.

Prayer request from Low-Lighter
I would like to pray for the endurance of those in effected areas and that our faith might be strengthened. I would also like to pray for those in financial struggles, myself included. Those who are jobless and homeless artists and alike. I'd like to pray for those who work hard and yet starve and struggle and say a prayer of rejoicing for those who have overcome.

Prayer request from Ninawitchgrl
Prayer Request for my healing from my galbladder surgery yesterday. Praise the Lord that everything turn out well and nothing serious happened but just for the pain to co away and my breathing to get  back to normal.  Also for my friend Tisha who is going though tough times getting use to changes in her life that I know she doesn't understand yet and that the Lord will out the right people in her life.

Prayer request from silverXdragon-CotC
Pray for my friends, they're great friends of our family. But their dad is dying right now. He has been suffering from ALS for quite some time now, and it seems like he won't last through the next couple of days. All of you Christian friends, I ask that you please pray for the family and although they've known for the longest time that he was going to die, to comfort them in this time of need. He has a little girl and a 13 year old son, so you can only imagine how devastating it is for them.

Prayer request from Gameraider100
There is a deviant artist named Levelchooser who is verbally abused by her parents from time to time, and the parents also verbally abuse each other.  She states that her parents don't realize that what they are doing affects her mental health. Pray that there will be peace in her household, peace with her parents and peace within the mother and father. If you wish, go to her page and let her know that you pray for her safety and peace.

Prayer request from souseiseki90
Please pray for me so God will forgive me. I know this is selfish for I am a mere human who are full of sins but please I beg you all. I want to come back to the path of God and I am not just doing this because I want to go to Heaven (A priest told me that if someone did something good in God's name just because s/he want to go to heaven than it's nothing but pride while Christian is a bout HUMILITY, the very counterpart of pride)

Prayer request from Mysticbynd
Please pray for all the Christians in the middle east who are experiencing extreme persecution. Pray our western countries don't turn a blind eye to this genocide. Pray for the children that are dying every day. And pray for their murders, whose hearts God alone can change.

Prayer request from DevenDesign
Pray for the drought in Texas and California. So far, I haven't heard of any rain over there. We need to keep praying for rain in TX and CA.

Prayer request from Gameraider100
Hawaii is going to be hit with two hurricanes soon. I have never heard of any place surviving two consecutive hurricanes. Hawaii is in danger and my older sister and brother-in-law live in Kauai, Hawaii, in the hurricanes way. Pray that my family there lives through it and so does the rest of Hawaii.

Prayer request from xXTempestPhyreXx
My aunt is going through complete misery and she's been feeling like it for the past year, really, next month it'll have been a year where everyday she feels her pain. It's kind of private, I don't want to disclose it too much, but it has to do with her bowels, I'd rather not describe more. A long time ago an angel or the lord whispered in her ear "Don't commit suicide", she didn't know why until now, and she wants to, but won't because she knows the consequences. Any prayer taken will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Prayer request from Gameraider100
My brother Reese is in the military, he is being sent out to northern Africa which right now is not safe at all, especially in the Middle East! He is loved by family very much, and I pray for his safety. Please pray for his safety. If there is another American soldier out there that you know of as well, pray him or her. Pray that the Lord will protect our protectors, and to let the Lord's will be done.

Prayer request from Gameraider100
As a Tom Hiddleston fan, I admire not only his good looks, but his God-given talents of acting, and his clean sense of humor. (He is my very first actor crush) God has blessed him with such so much and I worry to see if he falls and hits the dust like a lot of other celebrities (Many of them turning into a disgrace, and antagonists towards God) I do a lot of research on him and his upcoming roles, and I have realized that with his popularity shooting rapidly to the stars, he is beginning to take on a lot of starring roles, and I am worried that he might become stressed or worse.
Pray for him. Pray that he stays safe, innocent, and good. And pray that if he is not a "strong" believer in God, pray that he finds the way to the Lord and grows.
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