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Prayer Request from multiple users

This past week, gay marriage was legalized in the US. Please pray for wisdom. Pray that Christians will stand firm in their convictions. Pray that Christians will show God's love with their words and actions. Pray for all those in the LGBT community. Pray for those in the Christian community. Pray for those who belong to both.

Prayer Request from TheKagamineFanatic

November 7th of 2014, I was in a horrible car wreck, swerving my car to avoid a driver. I ended up with most the bones in the left side of my body crushed and had several parts of my brain killed, which left me in a coma for 2 1/2 months and immense memory loss. I had been going from facility to facility until a few weeks ago. I guess I am grateful God kept me alive and I can still help people in small ways. But I am really struggling inside. Like, before the wreck, I had a horrendous Self Mutilation habit. I haven't given in yet, but it's hard. I inhaled a bunch of glass which left my throat. I just really need prayer, thanks so much for doing what ya do.

Prayer Request from BloodOfTheSaints
I would like to start off my saying, Praise God that I have fought out of my depression with the Help of Jesus. I am very content and I am living the Dream! :)
Anyways, I am rather concerned with a friend of mine... I put in all of my effort to be here for him, cheer him up, I try giving him hope by Putting out bible verses, etc. He is plummeting into the world of depression. He was once theist, but now he is totally atheist. He's one of those that thinks, "If God is real, He would get me out of this," etc. I explain to him that it isn't hard to look at the light and acknowledge that life doesn't have to be tough. He says other wise. His name is Joman and I try my best to be a faithful, prayer warrior for him no matter what.
Whether it's demons, or just himself, Pray to God that Joman will open his eyes to the light, and do what God wills. Thank you all so Kindly

Prayer Request from 234Kittyfacex3
A prayer request please! My mom and dad keep arguing and its just me getting angry all the time

Prayer Request from HetaliaAmore
My parents are getting a divorce and I've been really depressed lately. I know why my mom left my dad, but he doesn't seem to know. He keeps thinking she cheated on him with one of her male friends, and he's even cussing him out saying he's worthless. I know she didn't, I've been to his house with her many times and there were no "romantic" actions or body language between them, just friendship (he even still loves his wife who passed away!). My dad's been telling everyone at church that she's cheating on him and a lot of them are believing him and needlessly shaming her. I don't know what to do, I don't want this to happen to her, she's a very Godly, kind woman.

Prayer Request from Gameraider100
Not sure if all of you know about this, but in Oklahoma and in a university, the Pro-LGBT group have been cranking down on conservatives and their views on homosexuality. The group has sent threats to Christians and call them hate-groups. Pray for Christians/conservatives to stay strong in the Lord and pray for LGBT.

Prayer Request from 234Kittyfacex3
A prayer request please! My mom and dad keep arguing and its just me getting angry all the time

Prayer Request from Hikari-Miko

My 13 year old friend's mother has a sickness. She didn't tell me the type of sickness because she doesn't feel comfortable telling this to people; she only told me that her mother is sick and that she might die because of it. Please, I don't want her mother to die, she needs her a lot! Pray with me on this please!

Update from Xarti

Thanks for praying for my Grandmother to get well and all, but she just passed away on June 6.

Prayer Request from JoKerPrustria

Please pray for my grandmother Isabel. She has had cancer before, and it keep rearing its ugly head. She beat uterine cancer, but now they found a mass in her stomach area were the uterus used to be. She says that she doesn't want to die, and has told God she does not want to die from this. She is believing for a complete head to toe healing, and I am trying to believe and not panic. But everyone tells me, 'That's life, people live and they die" and that I have to accept that she is probably dying. I don't want that! I need prayer for her to be healed, please, please pray for her. I can't turn to my aunt anymore, I have no one to turn to. I'm begging you all pray, please. I don't want to lose her, not now. I want her to live and be healthy for years onward. Please pray.

Prayer Request from CaptainNinjaPants

Pray for the people in Houston and Oklahoma that have been affected by the severe floods and for those that died or are missing because of the floods and for their grieving families.

Prayer Request from ViiiRoko

This guy goes to my library and is very involved in the teen group (he's 21 so he's more of an assistant).  Yesterday was the first day I actually had a full conversation with him, and I discovered he is apart of some "religion" called Discordianism.  It's one of the most disturbing mock religions/cults I've ever heard of!!!  I feel so sad knowing how lost he is.  Please pray that somehow the Holy Spirit might work through me to bring him to a faith in Jesus.

Prayer Request from Mysticbynd

Summer has just started. Please pray for all the travel and holidays and vacations. A lot of people will be out partying and such. Pray for safety.

Prayer Request from TheRedzWorld

My Parents are splitting up. Please pray for emotional healing for my family and we'll find comfort in our lives again.

Prayer Request from Bluestar797

I have a friend who's been a little depressed lately. And I would like for people to pray for her to come closer in her walk with Christ so that she can take comfort in him. Also so that she knows she's never alone and gets over the depression and that she knows that her friends will try and help her through this.

Prayer Request from Mysticbynd

Please pray for the people of Nepal. An estimated 5,000 people lost their lives in the earthquake and it's still early. Pray for the injured, pray for the families, pray for the communities, pray for the churches, pray for the first responders.

Prayer Request from BeccatheHedgebat06

My half-sister is moving away soon and she's scared. I've tried everything to get her mind off of it and it didn't work. I even asked nana to adopt her, but that didn't work out.  Please pray.

Update from I-Oreo

The church problem was solved! thank you for your prayers! Right now our church is going through the alot. Our Pastor is starting to question if he is where he should be, and our church is starting to divide. I was wondering if anyone would mind praying for a solution, it's pretty bad and I don't want to lose this church and the church family over something that can be easily fixed.

Prayer request from olivernome

My Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer has returned. I start a trial treatment,followed by chemo for the next 6 months to a year. I've got insurance but it doesn't cover everything and medical bills are insane in this country. I'm currently unemployed and won't be able to work once on treatment due to the horrible side effects. I'm staying positive and with your support I know I can get back into remission again.
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Horsequeen69 is stealing my profile bio. Please beware as she is trolling Christian pages like the Christian Sonic club.
Please remove this user from your group as they are not inclined to stop trolling Christians. God bless, amen.
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My main interests include Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, and various anime. I am a devout Christian, I know Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light, and if you have any Christianity related questions, go on and shoot em this way. I'll answer truthfully and with my whole heart. I don't know everything, but I try!
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Greetings fellow believers and followers of Christ Jesus our savior, hoping and praying you are all doing well, I am here in regards to a currently running collaboration project in which all who are believers and wish to share the love of Jesus Christ and are not afraid to proclaim his name and share his love are welcome to take part in. The goal of this project in short summery is to create a group wallpaper photo featuring the character illustrations provided of all participants of either their persona/avatars or original characters that best represents them along with (if possible and willing) a short summery of how you- those who choose to participate came to know Christ as well as what the relationship you share with him means to you as a believer. Ultimately, with this it is my hope to share this message with those throughout DA who either are struggling in their faith or do not know Christ that in not only seeing the collaborated works of all those united in faith have made together, but also the words of those who took part in this had to share inspiring this faith would reach those who do struggle, reminding them that they are not alone, that just as surely as God lives and he is with them, he lives in the hearts of others also and is working in us just as he works in them. For more details and information regarding this project, please see the following journal entry containing the full explanation and requirements for the project, thank you in advanced, God bless and take care everyone!


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This is a really awesome group! Being a Christian who is a fan of anime/manga, I find it a great way to reach others in the fandom since then we have a common interest. 
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Hi everyone, I'm new to DA. I praise God for the fellowship here and I send love to all my brothers and sisters! Please feel free to talk to me/ ask for prayers/ add me as a friend if you would like. I am here for you and would love to get to know you. 
God bless!  
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Wow I wish could draw anime like you guys :)
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